Gulistan Parveen

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  • Gulistan Parveen

    Gulistan Parveen is our outsource patner.Taking care of Social Media Marketing ,and Websites maintance for Stawed Group.

    Skills:WordPress Expert,PHP,HTML,CSS3,SEO and Digital Marketing Expert.

    Team Role: Virtual Assistant

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    Adelia is our Content Writer outsource partner and Taking care of all content related tasks with Stawed Group .

    Skills:Adaptability,Strong Research Skills ,SEO and Editing.

    Team Role:Content Writer

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    Neha Dabb

    Neha Dabb is our Development Head outsource patner and Taking care of smoothly running of website with coding,troubleshooting and adding new features to the website.

    Skills: CorePHP Expert, WordPress Expert, HTML, CSS3,Shopify,Woocommerce,Shopping carts,Ecommerce websites.

    Team Role:Development Head

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