HPL is the abbreviation for High Pressure Laminate. HPL is made up of several layers that are compressed (laminated) under very high pressure. This creates a very dense, hard and formretaining sheet (HPL).

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The structure of the sheet:

An HPL sheet consists of a wood fiber or paper core and two top layers. The core of the sheet
consists of several layers of wood fiber and paper that are soaked with phenolic resin. During
production, these layers are compressed under high pressure and at a high temperature. The
resin that is used is a so-called thermoset. This means that the resin becomes hard under the
influence of heat. By compressing, the layers are compacted and create a very dense and hard
sheet. The top layers are so hard and dense that sunlight and moisture cannot penetrate into
the sheet. In the first instance, HPL sheets were therefore developed as cladding material for
outdoor use in residential and non-residential buildings, for example, maintenance-free
exterior panels and plastic fascia boards.


1. Carefully consider the area of laminate sheets installation.

While installing decorative laminates, it is of utmost importance to consider the extent of
external environmental distress. In simpler words, always keep in mind the possibility of dust
and scratches, mechanical abrasion and also factors like moisture. Especially, when it comes to
water, some designer laminates may be water repellent, but it is always advisable to keep them
dry and away from moisture. A common occurrence besides external spillage is the seepage
from walls and floors in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

2. High-Quality Waterproofing

When using high pressure laminates for flooring, walls, door and table tops, it is important to
have effective waterproofing in place. It is advisable to use High-quality waterproofing material
during construction of your house, which protects the subfloor from moisture coming from the
earth. This moisture, when not given the correct outlet to escape, may accumulate and cause
damage over time. Even when laminate sheets are long-lasting, they are generally affected by
the presence of moisture,

3. All decorative laminates are different

The general rules of application and installation apply to all decorative laminates, but when it
comes to finding the most effective technique for your designer laminate, it is important to
read the laminate sheets installation instruction manual for that specific laminate. Laminate
manufacturers in India use various techniques to make their products stand out. For instance,
you may come across laminate sheets that are dust-resistant; some may be bacteria resistant or
may even be able to stand the deteriorative action by mild chemicals. These may come with a
specific set of slightly different properties which may have to be taken into account during
installation of designer laminates.

4. Temperature plays a huge role

High Pressure Laminates are bad conductors of heat, which is to say, generally speaking,
laminate sheets do not expand or contract too much with the effect of heat. However, it would
also be incorrect to say that decorative laminates do not expand or contract at all. Therefore, it
is important to bear in mind the floor temperature may affect the settling capability of the
designer laminate, so it is crucial to let the floor acclimatize for at least 48 hours after being laid
out. The same goes for cemented table tops and kitchen slabs too. Also, it is advisable to leave
a gap of 10 mm at the perimeter to give the laminate sheet planks plenty of room to expand on
exposure to heat.


1. The first row of laminate sheets should be perfect

The first row of decorative laminates that is laid out has to be in a straight line. It is the basis of
entire floor plan. If the first row of decorative laminates is flawed, or has obvious aberrations, it
would lead to an erroneous layout which may have to be entirely re-done. It is easy to correct
the first mistake than accumulate it over time to re-do the entire installation.

2. Soap and Mop
Generally speaking it is unadvisable to use strong soaps or detergents to clean the surface of
laminate sheets.


Variety of colors and textures

HPL is available in a diverse selection of colors and textures. This makes it easy to plan an interior according to your preferred color scheme and style. Finding the right color and finish for a home or business is easy, thanks to a broad choice of options that range from high gloss to matte, with various styles in between. Depending on whether you are adding a decorative
panel or designing complete new surfaces, this makes for endless possibilities.

Stylish and modern finish

With its clean lines and polished appearance, this material enhances any space. Plan a retail entrance or a dedicated staff relaxation room. Add a smart reception to your healthcare
practice. Design a kitchen or bathroom or patio that blends into your home’s look easily and effectively. Whatever the size of the room, HPL helps to add an understated style to any space.

Versatile and functional

This material is not only decorative but also extremely functional. Use on walls, cupboard doors, shelving units, partitions, cubicles, lobbies, and various other spaces. Applied
horizontally or vertically, these panels will add to any design.


One reason that HPL panels are found in work area across the country is their durability. They are impact and scratch resistant, making them a perfect for cabinet doors, cubicles, check-out stands and more. In fact, HPL panels typically have a five to 15 year lifespan.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It is easier to install than many traditional surfaces.
  • It is more economical and requires less skill to install.
  • It is available in numerous designs, patterns, colors and textures and hence it is pleasing.
  •  It is very durable, hygienic and relatively easy to maintain.
  •  No polishing painting is required.
  •  It is the best choice for heavy use environments.
  • It can be installed over almost any existing floor.
  •  It is moisture resistant. Also, it is an impact, shock and pressure resistant.
  •  Sweeping or vacuuming is typical, all it takes to get laminate clean.
  • It is highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.
  •  Availability of huge range leads to least wastage.


While it can follow the look of a veneer, laminate flooring does not come close to the feel of those textures of a veneer. No matter how high in quality, it cannot simulate the feel of real wood under your feet.

  • It is known to be toxic as it is known to release formaldehyde, the volatile organic compounds.
  • Once the top layer has been worn through, the whole floor must be replaced.
  • It is difficult to be recycled.
  •  It is a brittle material hence is prone to clipping.
  • Laminate flooring has been very slippery, and affecting your safety


  • Impact resistant: Is able to withstand impacts with blunt objects without damage
  • Scratch, wear and tear resistant:Its density makes it resistant to scratches and wear
  • Light fastness:Does not suffer damage from UV rays and is not subject to discoloration
  • Easy to clean: Its smooth surface does not allow dirt to stick
  • Heat resistant: Temperatures changes do not affect its properties
  • Hygienic: The non-porous surface makes it hygienic and easy to clean
  • Suitable for contact with food: Being hygienic and heat resistant, it is suitable for contact with food


High-pressure laminates, or HPL for short, are used and recommended by architects and interior designers from around the world. A successor of plastic laminates, HPL is among the
most durable materials available for surface decoration, which also comes with various exclusive properties such as fire retardant and chemical resistance. Ideal for both residential
and commercial establishments, high-pressure laminates can be used for wall panel, furniture, countertops, kitchen shutters, cabinets, and many other furnishing elements.

Innovative Designs

If you are looking for innovative designs, laminate sheets clearly emerge as a better option compared to other alternatives that are usually available in similar-looking, dated designs. Greenlam offers a wide range of innovative laminate designs in a spectrum of color and textures to add a touch of luxury to various elements of your living spaces such as wall panels, furniture, cabinets etc.

Exceptional Applicability

High-pressure laminates, being remarkably flexible, are easy to install and do not demand much in terms of efforts from the installation professional. Unlike other surfacing materials, laminate sheets can be bent to a great extent which makes them ideal to manifest innovative designs.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, high pressure laminates again take the center stage. The laminates offered by Greenlam are super easy to clean and maintain. Be it a minor stain or a more stubborn and vexing kind, a liquid cleaner and a sponge is all you need to remove the blemish. Most laminates in India have a thick but soft surface and they are quite easy to clean. The same does not apply to other overlays, especially if they aren’t cleaned for an extended
period of time.

Low Heat Conduction

Heat conduction is another key factor when it comes choosing a surfacing material. Highpressure laminates neither get too cold during winter nor too hot during summer, thereby offering a better user experience than the alternatives. Other surfacing materials, such as granite, tile or marble entail a common complaint that they generally remain cold and hard during winter and get too hot during summer.

Value for Money

Gone are the days when beautiful and stylish interiors were limited to the elite. These days, modern surfacing materials such as high pressure laminate sheets offer the same enigmatic
appeal without making you break the bank. To put things into perspective, covering a 200 square feet area of wall with an alternative such as timber cladding would cost about double
the money compared to covering the same space with high pressure wall laminate sheets.


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