New Generation Of Sustainable Flooring

MOSO® offers dozens of different bamboo flooring covering options which are divided into collections. This enables MOSO® to offer a bamboo flooring solution to everyone: The Grand Collection provides long and wide floorboards that offer a spacious and luxurious look. The Eternal Collection features the strongest and most robust flooring MOSO® has to offer. The Dynamic Collection offers an economical range of easy to install floors. The Outdoor Collection offers ecologicalstable and durable flooring for exterior applications.


MOSO Bamboo Products

Bamboo flooring, decking, beams, panels and more. Named after the fast growing giant bamboo species that our products are made of, MOSO® evolved to be the European market leader in bamboo products for interior and exterior applications, thanks to our focus on quality, innovation and sustainability. Bamboo grows up to 1 metre per day and is a rapidly renewable resource for building materials. MOSO® believes in bamboo as the solution to deforestation of tropical rainforests. With proven sustainable bamboo products, MOSO® offers a natural, fast-growing alternative for flooring, decking, wall-covering, beams, boards and worktops, which meets the highest requirements in terms of use, safety and hardness.


20 Years Of Experience

Through more than 20 years of experience , innovative attitude and worldwide network , MOSO is recognised as the top global brand in bamboo products. There is no other company worldwide with an equally – and still expanding – broad assortment in high quality, bamboo products. MOSO® products are permanently available from stock in various regions worldwide. MOSO International is the pioneer in innovative bamboo solutions for indoors and outdoors. MOSO® is recognised as the global A-brand in bamboo because of its focus on sustainability, product quality and innovation.

The Power of Innovation

MOSO has always focused on innovation.
A famous example is the 200.000 m2 curved ceiling panel for the Madrid airport, until
today the largest bamboo project in the world. Here MOSO was the first to come up with a flexible,
fire-resistant bamboo board.

Product Excellence

A key precondition for MOSO’s success has always been its control over the production process. This has never been easy because the production takes place in faraway China in a new industry. By establishing a professional organization there, the quality and availability of the MOSO® products is always safeguarded.

World’s Leading Company

All MOSO® test reports and certifications are applicable for MOSO® products only and are owned by MOSO International BV, not by the partner manufacturers.

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