Small house & home trends

Small house & home trends

Jan 10, 2020 | Posted By: Web Admin

The term “small house / atte case / modular house / container house”, etc., is used for most purposes in order to compare semi-transportable, compact housing forms with a very high capacity utilization of the surface.
Container houses, modular homes, even traditionally built aid / refugee housing and so-called Secondary housing is now often referred to as “small modular homes”.
There are some main factors that clearly seem to be the cause of today’s large increase and interest in “compact-living”, ie “small modular housing / container housing”,
some more obvious than others.

– Unreachable housing costs,
– Expensive rents and the realization that we do not actually need as much housing space as most people think we do.

-Of course, there are several reasons why a small “Boxliving” home is a perfect alternative.

– Smaller house sizes, many new variants and sizes to choose from.
-New and more generous rules for Attefallshus, ie 30m2
-The running costs of a larger house.
– Living in the present, the will and the desire to be able to move or change the housing situation at short notice
-Access to housing, especially for young people
-Large gardens that can be used for better capital use. Great opportunity to rent and earn money on extra accommodation
-General housing, we can keep a careful eye on our parents and / or relatives, and not least afford to stay there.
-Empty lease can be used with reduced risk.

-Continued sales for “container house” when it is not needed or you should move.
-Great second-hand value
-A budgeted extended living space over time.
-The expansion opportunity for container house homes, “expandyourliving space”!
-A habitable container house module in the roof. Starting with the necessary container module first containing kitchen, shower, bedroom.
Then it is easy to expand as, both at height and across, depending on budget and needs.

For many, the size of the accommodation reflects a certain status level.
All builders and homeowners know the happiness and pride of those who built their first home. The first-time builders who never owned a house or home previously want everything their money can buy. Everything you could wish for, spa, pool, garden, extra bedroom, laundry room.m.
Then when the children grew up and lived in the big house for a few years, cleaned up empty and unused rooms, maintained a growing garden and made the necessary ongoing renovations, high electricity costs etc. Many then realize that they do not need or want this size in neither home nor garden.

Many then go back to the same builder and get them to build something that meets their living needs.
The truth is that modern life is very comfortable when our needs are met, we do not need the rest.
To this end, STAWEDBoxliving has focused on the modular “Boxliving” home.
“Container housing” for versatility, easy to transport and long service life, not to mention all other excellent features and attributes.
Simply the best solution for the growing need for new smart “Boxliving” homes
STAWED Boxliving already has experience of container houses, and ours
modular container houses will most likely fulfill all your requirements and wishes.

No matter what anyone tells you (and they will do to get the job done or deliver something), you can’t build anything comparable for the same money as our purchase price, even if you build it yourself and don’t include your work. Probably not the builder’s expensive working hours.

Welcome to share the opportunities with STAWED Boxliving.

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